Best weather to visit Tibet

Tibet Weather: Summer

Warm and sunny days are accompanied by rainy nights. This is a wet monsoon season in Tibet

Best time: June–August


Summer months in Tibet are the busiest of the year. During this season the air in the region has the highest content of oxygen. It is also the monsoon season, which usually starts in June. The first half of the month can still be quite dry, but the second part of June is characterised by heavy monsoon rains or even snow.

It rains for about 20 days per month. These rainfalls mainly appear at night. During the day the weather is hot and pleasant. It is also the foggy period, and some views are spoiled. July and August are the warmest and the rainiest months of the year. Travelling to higher elevations and various attractions there can be difficult due to continuous wet weather.

The southern and eastern parts of Tibet are a little drier during this season.

Last updated: by Eleonora Provozin