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Ponte Tibetano Cesana Claviere in Turin

Walk through the longest suspended bridge and enjoy the nature and views around and beneath

Best time: June–September

The Tibetan Bridge is the longest suspended bridge in the world. It is 478 m long and rises 30 m from the ground. It is actually formed by three cable sections. The highest is the third section, which hangs on the height of 90 m from the ground. The second part of the bridge is the longest. The whole walk along the bridge takes about an hour and a half. The last section can be also crossed by via ferrata. That will shorten your trip by half an hour.

The bridge opens a stunning view over the landscape bellow with every new step. This is an amazing experience if you are not afraid of height. The bridge is open daily from 9 am till 4.30 pm during summer season. At some special holidays you can also experience an evening crossing. But these should be booked in advance. The bridge is closed for the winter period, from October till May.

Practical info

When is the best time of the year to visit the Ponte Tibetano Cesana Claviere in Turin?

The Ponte Tibetano Cesana Claviere bridge is open for visitors from June to September during the summer season, while it remains closed from October till May. The summer period is ideal for exploring the natural surrounding and below the bridge. Weather conditions during this time are perfect for outdoor activities, making it the best time to visit the bridge. Show more

How long does it take to walk across the bridge?

Walking along the Ponte Tibetano Cesana Claviere bridge takes approximately one and a half hours. The bridge consists of three cable sections, with the third section being the highest, hanging at 90 m above the ground. While the second part of the bridge is the longest, visitors can shorten their trip by half an hour by taking the via ferrata. The views across and around the bridge during the walk are spectacular, making it an exciting experience. Show more

Is there any height limit or age restriction to cross the bridge?

The management imposes no age limit or height restriction for visitors to cross the Ponte Tibetano Cesana Claviere bridge in Turin. However, visitors must be in good health and not afraid of heights. The management advises visitors to wear comfortable clothing and shoes while following the guidelines provided for safety purposes. Additionally, the more adventurous visitors can use the via ferrata climbing equipment for a more challenging experience. Show more

Where can tourists buy tickets to visit Ponte Tibetano Cesana Claviere?

Visitors can buy tickets to visit Ponte Tibetano Cesana Claviere either from the ticket office or online, up to the day preceding the intended visit. During the summer season, the bridge is open daily from 9 am until 4.30 pm. The management offers evening crossings on some special holidays that visitors can also participate by prior booking to add to the experience. Visitors are advised to visit the bridge early to avoid crowds and facilitate a smooth experience. Show more

Are there any tour packages that include the bridge visit and other activities in Turin?

Various tour packages are available for visitors to the Ponte Tibetano Cesana Claviere bridge and other attractions in Turin. Visitors can take part in cycling or hiking tours in the hills adjacent to the bridge, explore the nearby historical landmarks such as the Sestriere Olympic village, or the Fenestrelle Fortress. Some tour packages also include meals at local restaurants. Researching and comparing the variety of options available allows visitors to find the tour package that suits their interests and budget best. Show more

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