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The Øresund Bridge

The iconic part bridge and part tunnel, which connects Denmark and Sweden


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The Øresund Bridge is an engineering wonder, which includes a bridge, a tunnel, and an artificial island located at the point where the bridge goes underwater. The bridge runs across Øresund strait and connects Copenhagen and Malmö, the third-largest city in Sweden.

This 10-mile (16-km) bridge was constructed in 2000 with the help of giant floating cranes. It's operated by Denmark and Sweden jointly. The bridge is an important infrastructure for around 200,000 people that cross it each day.

From the engineering point of view, one of the most interesting parts of the bridge is a small artificial island, built using material dredged from the seabed, which is also a subject of interest for biologists. The island's flora was left to develop naturally and today it boasts around 500 species of plants and is inhabited by several species of birds.

To appreciate the beauty of the Øresund Bridge, you can either take a trip to Malmö, enjoying a ride across the bridge, or take a walk along the seashore and admire it from a distance. It should be especially pleasant on a warm, clear, and sunny day during the warmer season when you can see Malmö on the backdrop.

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