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Wave-Gotik-Treffen 2024 in Germany

Watch Leipzig all dressed up in black at the world's largest goth festival

Dates: May 17-20, 2024

Wave-Gotik-Treffen takes place annually over four days on Whitsuntide weekend (mostly late May or June) and attracts to Leipzig over 20,000 goths and people of other dark styles: dark romantics, cybergoths, steampunks, neo-Victorians, dark electro, fetish, and medieval fans.

1987 was the year when the first attempt of a WGT happened in Potsdam but was attended only by a few hundred visitors and, additionally, was made illegal. But after the reunification of Germany in 1991 first official Wave-Gotik-Treffen in the Leipzig's Eiskeller club was held.

The WGT program is quite unusual and extremely varied. Over 200 cultural events and live concerts are held on the stages at different locations. Band performances are Wave-Gotik-Treffen's major attraction: deathrock, dark electro, EBM, symphonic metal, gothic metal, industrial, and some other musiс styles can be heard from the stages.

Also, visit late-night dance clubs with top-name DJs, CD/DVD and film premieres, Viking and Pagan markets, Renaissance fairs, literary readings, brunches, artist signing events, celebrating absinthe, Gothic Romance events, fetishistic events—here you can find everything for your brain, heart, and soul.

A classic event during WGT is the “Victorian Picnic” in the park on Friday afternoon. It is made especially for those who like to dress up in Victorian, baroque, steampunk, etc. This mindbending picnic with hundreds of gracefully costumed people can't be missed. Also, shop for clothing, accessories and crafts at medieval markets of Torhaus Dölitz and Moritzbastei.

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