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Sky Safari: Longleat Balloon Festival 2024 in England

The largest ballooning event in the UK

Dates: September 8–10, 2024 (unconfirmed)

Sky Safari: Longleat Balloon Festival
Sky Safari: Longleat Balloon Festival
Sky Safari: Longleat Balloon Festival

Sky Safari is an impressive annual hot air balloon festival, which takes place in Longleat Safari Park, near Warminster. The balloon festival features up to 250 hot air balloons from all over the world, including the USA, Japan, and the United Arab Emirates.

About 70 balloons at the festival have unusual shapes, which please the crowds, especially children. They will be undoubtedly excited to see Longleat Koala and her friends Simbaloo the lion, Duma the cheetah, and Roger the panther!

The main highlight of Sky Safari at Longleat is the incredible sight of dozens balloons dotting the skies above the Longleat Estate. In the evenings, the beautiful balloon glow, set to music, features about 100 participating teams. Tethered balloon rides are available at that time. The Exclusive Cup competition is one more exciting event at Longleat. Pilots compete for £40,000 in prizes, ranging from computers and drones to a new car.


Daily schedule of the festival includes a 7 am mass balloon launch, 10:30 am tethered balloon displays, plenty of entertainment (fire shows, Jamma de Samba, and more) at 4:45 pm, a mass evening launch at 5 pm, and a night glow at 8 pm. So, don't hesitate to book your housing in advance and have a terrific time!

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