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Punkie Night in Somerset 2019

Enjoy an atmospheric event linked with Halloween

Punkie Night in Somerset  in England 2019 - Best Time
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No one knows where this tradition of celebrating Punkie Night comes from. Although, we can confidently say that it is closely linked to Halloween. This day is widely celebrated in Somerset county.

In Old English "Punkie" means "lantern" and may be made of swedes or mangel-wurzels rather than pumpkins. Some believe that these "Punkies" were carried by men who were returning home late at night during the dark autumn fair season. It is believed that these strange lights were made in order to ward off evil spirits.

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Today children dressed in medieval clothes go with "jack o'lantern" and sing a song—"Give me a candle, give me a light. If you don't, you'll get a fright!" Such a lantern procession with music and stories attracts both young and old alike.

Punkie Night in Somerset  in England - Best Season 2019

The event is usually held on the last Thursday of October.