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The War and Peace Revival 2022

The world's largest military vehicle show and festival


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The War and Peace Revival is a massive festival of historical re-enactment from World War I to most recent battles. It also includes a collectables fair and a large military vehicles show. The five-day event takes place annually in late July at the Hop Farm Country Park, in Kent. Over 100,000 people visit it every year.

The festival showcases over 4,000 tanks, armoured personnel carriers, artillery, armoured cars, Jeeps, amphibious cars, and military motorcycles. Some of the vehicles on display belong to The Wheatcroft Collection and the Jon Phillips Armor Collection.

The main highlight of the festival is battle re-enactments packed with action. Especially famous are World War II battles staged in the main arena using vehicles from that period and stunning pyrotechnics. Living history scenes show the everyday life of soldiers living in trenches, G.I. in Vietnam War, etc.

The collectors' fair presents a unique opportunity to hunt for treasures: antiquities, vintage vehicle parts, military books, uniforms, and memorabilia. The Vintage Village by the Victory Marquee offers a glimpse of life during ‘Peace’ times. Visitors can shop for vintage outfits, have an old hairstyle and enjoy some entertainment from the 1940s and 1950s.

The Home Front Area is a pop-up village portraying life in Britain during World War II. There are shops, a pub, and a canteen, and even a miniature steam railway.

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