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Viking Market 2023

Come and see true Vikings: the way they lived, how they looked, or become a Viking yourself and take part in the battles and various competitions


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The glorious history of courageous Vikings is revived at the annual Viking Festival in Åland. Every year during the last weekend of July, you can find a huge Viking Market in Finland. It is the largest celebration of its kind in all of Scandinavia.

For three days the small village of Kvarnbo in Saltvik is filled with tens of thousands of Vikings that come from all over Europe. You can meet Vikings from Sweden, Poland, Great Britain, and Finland, of course!

The Viking Market is an unforgettable adventure for everyone. It is open from Thursday till Saturday. Come and see the way vikings used to live, see battles reenactments, fight demonstrations, and weapon games. You can also listen to viking-style songs and try traditional food.

There are lots of activities for kids and family events too. The evenings feature lots of parties and fire shows. There is an opportunity for everyone to become a viking. However, you do need to come much earlier for the training course which usually takes place in March.

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