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Kentucky Highland Renaissance Festival 2023

The oldest Renaissance fair in the state, held since 2005

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The Kentucky Highland Renaissance Festival takes place every summer in Eminence, Kentucky, and can be easily reached from Louisville and Cincinnati. The fictional 14th-century Scottish village of Briarwood is located on former farmland. It is the tribute to the times when Robert the Bruce ruled, specifically to the year 1320. Visitors are offered an array of hand-crafted goods and delicious foods at​ this time. Visit HooDoo's Pub, Makala's Inn, and The Twisted Thistle for excellent ales and wines.

Entertaining groups include the Celtic Dance Troupe, The Faerie Guild, and the Gypsy/Rom Encampment. Stage shows include combat jousting competition, dancing, reenactment, fire juggling, a circus, faerie tales, a mud show, and lots of live music. Kids can enjoy Renaissance-themed rides, ancient craft demonstrations, Human Chess, hair braiding, and other activities. The Kentucky Highland Renaissance Festival runs on weekends only. Admission for adults is $18.

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