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English Greyhound Derby 2021

Watch elite dogs compete with grace in this traditional race


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The first race featuring greyhounds running after an artificial hare was held in 1776. Since the 1950s, they have been particularly popular in England. It is also worth mentioning that today not only Greyhounds (although they are considered to be the fastest) are used as runners but also Afghans and even Wolfhounds.

The rules of dog racing are very simple. At a special stadium, like a racetrack, a cover is prepared and a large mechanical paddock is placed across the tracks. The doors open at the command and the dogs are mad with anticipation, breaking away at great speed in pursuit of the hare.

Witness Greyhounds race at Towcester Greyhound Stadium from May to June. The atmosphere is quite electric! Passionate fans can be found cheering on their favourite dogs and with a little money on the line, there's no shortage of excitement.

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