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Guisachan Gathering (Golden Retriever Festival) 2024 in Scotland

The cutest dog show in the ancestral home of golden retrievers

Dates: July 2028

Guisachan Gathering is an amazing festival of golden retrievers. The popular event is held at Guisachan, the mansion in Scottish Highlands, where the first golden retrievers were bred. It happened in 1868, when Lord Tweedmouth mated a wavy-coated retriever Nous with a Tweed water spaniel named Belle. Three puppies that were born were named Cowslip, Crocus, and Primrose. In the 20th century, the Guisachan mansion was sold several times, and at present, little is left of its former glory.

Guisachan Gathering is typically held in July. It features an array of activities and events, like a picnic with fresh Scottish food, field trial demonstrations, group training sessions, and, of course, a dog show. The Championship Show, where hundreds of dogs compete for prizes, is the main highlight of the festival.

The first festival was held by the Golden Retriever Club of Scotland in 2006. Every year, from 200 to 300 goldens from all over the world gather in Guisachan. It's the largest group ever photographed in one place. Hundreds of beautiful pups posing for a picture on a large lawn is indeed an adorable sight!

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