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Kitesurfing & Windsurfing in The United Kingdom

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Best time: March–August (all year round)

Kitesurfing & Windsurfing

Kitesurfing is on the rise in the UK, which is not surprising considering that the country has some of the best beaches in the world for kiters. The climate, of course, is not tropical though, so you will need a full wetsuit at all times. Spring and warm summer months are generally considered to be the best season for kitesurfing or windsurfing. But it's still a year-round activity in the UK.

St Ives Bay and Gwithian Beach in Cornwall are among the best kiting spots in the country, attracting top UK athletes such as British Kitesurfing Wave Champion Lee Pasty. It's famous for wave sailing, but flat-water places are also available. It features high swells from the Atlantic.

The south coast of England is not only beautiful. It also features many excellent windsurfer spots. Poole Harbour in Dorset attracts kitesurfers of all levels. Harbour shallow water offers excellent conditions for beginners, while the open sea has some exciting waves and winds. There are at least five kitesurfing schools and rentals in the area. Weymouth Harbour is another suitable Dorset location that hosts the Weymouth Speed Week for windsurfing and kiting every fall.

East and West Sussex also have many kitesurf spots. West Wittering in West Sussex is suitable for beginner and intermediate levels due to protection from the sandbanks. Lancing Beach is a favorite kite destination there. The coast between Hove and Brighton features Lagoon Water Sports Center offering windsurfing lessons in a shallow protected lagoon. Brighton is not only a big entertainment center but also home to the Brighton Kitesurf and SUP Academy. Camber Sands nearby is another safe location for beginners. A sizeable coastal lake gets consistent sea breezes.

Other signature windsurfing destinations in the UK include Dale in Pembrokeshire, Wales. The Pembrokeshire Coast National Park is known as the sunniest place in Wales. It also has superb wind conditions and plenty of the schools to help you practice your windsurfing skills. Rhosneigr in Anglesey attracts the UK's best windsurfers. It also hosted British National Wave Championships.

The Island of Tiree off the west coast of Scotland north of Glasgow offers spectacular waves and wind from the Atlantic. It also happens to be the sunniest place in the UK. It also attracts many windsurfers. The Tiree Wave Classic is held here every October.

Practical info

When is the best time to attend a UK kitesurfing or windsurfing event?

For kitesurfing and windsurfing events, it's best to attend between March and August when the weather is mild. However, these events take place year-round in the UK. Regardless of the season, you'll need to wear a wetsuit as the climate is not tropical. Show more

Which regions of the UK are optimal for kitesurfing?

Some of the UK's best kitesurfing spots are situated on its beautiful beaches. Cornwall, Wales, and Scotland are among the most popular. Wave sailing may be enjoyed at St Ives Bay and Gwithian Beach, both of which are situated in Cornwall. Tiree Island, located on Scotland's west coast, provides incredible waves and Atlantic winds that appeal to windsurfers. Show more

What are some top destinations in England that cater to windsurfers?

Dorset's Poole Harbour is one of the preferable windsurfing locations on England's southern coast. Poole Harbour is a favourite with both novices and seasoned kiters, as it offers excellent conditions. Weymouth Harbour in Dorset, another ideal spot for windsurfing and kiting, hosts Weymouth Speed Week in the autumn. On the coast between Hove and Brighton, Lagoon Water Sports Center caters to windsurfers with lessons in a protected lagoon. Show more

Where can you find the UK's sunniest and best area for windsurfing?

Pembrokeshire in Wales is acknowledged for its excellent windsurfing conditions and is the sunniest region in the country. In Pembrokeshire, Dale is a preferred destination of windsurfers. Numerous schools provide instruction in the location, allowing you to improve your skills. Rhosneigr in Anglesey is also a favoured destination for UK windsurfers and has hosted the British National Wave Championships in the past. Show more

What type of weather characterises Tiree, one of Scotland's premier windsurfing destinations?

The Tiree island, one of Scotland's top windsurfing destinations, is renowned for its magnificent waves and wind from the Atlantic. Tiree is the UK's sunniest place and has pleasant temperatures throughout the year. Wind levels may vary depending on when you visit, with the greatest winds coming during the winter season. Tiree hosts the Tiree Wave Classic event every October. Show more

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