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Leeds Christmas Market 2023

Christkindelmarkt in Leeds is a great chance to celebrate winter with a blast

Dates: November 24–December 22, 2023

Leeds Christmas Market

Leeds Christmas Market, or officially Christkindelmarkt, is an annual traditional German Christmas market that helps you immerse into German culture for a while and create unforgettable memories. Some people say it’s one of the best Christmas events in Yorkshire, and we won’t even argue. So, are you ready to find out a bit more about this winter extravaganza? We will get down to the nitty-gritty of this event and welcome you to join us.

So, the Christkindelmarkt boasts a wide range of festive stalls and authentic German food & drinks at various locations in the city center, including Briggate and City Square. The booths feature a mix of seasonal gifts, toy decorations, ornaments, and German treats, such as gluhwein, schnitzels, and bratwurst sausages. Overall, this festive event will help you indulge in a wonderful Christmas atmosphere for over six weeks.

You’ll also find the fairground rides, including dodgems, a toy train, and a Ferris Wheel. The carousel costs £3 per person, and the dodgems are £4 per car. Of course, Leeds Christmas Market is not as big as Christmas markets in Birmingham or London, but it offers a unique ambient atmosphere that makes you fall in love with this event.

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