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Lunan Bay Bathing Season in Scotland 2024

Every princess would have enjoyed a swim on an appealing pink beach overlooked by a castle

Best time: June–mid-September

Lunan Bay Bathing Season
Lunan Bay Bathing Season
Lunan Bay Bathing Season

In addition to renowned white sand beaches found on the west coast, Scotland has a less known yet extremely lovable bathing spot in the east—Lunan Bay on the Angus coastline. Its pink-hued beach is overlooked by a beautiful crumbling 12th-century fortress, known as the Red Castle. The bathing season runs from June to mid-September.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Lunan Bay for swimming?

From June to mid-September, Lunan Bay is the ideal place to visit for those who love swimming and other water activities. The average temperature during the bathing season is approximately 14°C with sunny and clear weather. The water temperature is also friendly enough for swimming. It's important to bear in mind that the bathing season can experience some changes due to unpredictable winds, waves, or rain, but visitors are advised to check the weather forecast before heading down. Show more

What is the duration of the bathing season in Lunan Bay?

For those interested in swimming or other water activities, visiting Lunan Bay from June to mid-September is perfect as it marks the bathing season. Visitors can enjoy ideal weather, lively beach activities, and relatively warm water. Nonetheless, it is important to note that adverse weather conditions such as strong winds or heavy rainfall have the potential to affect the bathing season. It is recommended to always check the weather forecast before planning a trip. Show more

Where is Lunan Bay located along the Angus coastline?

Lunan Bay is located on the stunning Angus coastline, which is situated on the east coast of Scotland, between Arbroath and Montrose. The bay can be accessed via B9137 where a beautiful pink sand beach, crystal clear water, and breathtaking views of cliffs and natural landscape await visitors. At the southernmost end of the beach sits a crumbling fortress called Red Castle, adding a unique historical touch to the bay's overall charm. Show more

What is the story behind Red Castle that overlooks the beach?

While overlooking Lunan Bay's beach, Red Castle is a rare historical attraction. It is a 12th-century fortress that once served as a residence for William the Lion, a monarch of Scotland. Red Castle was constructed as a defense mechanism against Viking invasions and it is built of red sandstone, thus the name. While only the ruins remain, visitors can walk around and get an amazing view of the beach and the surrounding landscape. Show more

Aside from the beach, what other attractions are there to visit near Lunan Bay?

Alongside the beach and Red Castle, visitors have the opportunity to explore other nearby places of interest around Lunan Bay. Visitors can explore the town of Arbroath, which boasts several historical and cultural attractions such as Arbroath Abbey, Signal Tower Museum, and Bellrock Lighthouse Museum. Moreover, multiple hikes, nature reserves, and national parks such as St. Cyrus National Nature Reserve and Cairngorms National Park await nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Show more

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