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Starling Murmuration

A regular sunset shows performed by migrating starlings in Gretna shows that the birds are really into that small town in the south of Scotland

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If you already know what starling murmuration is, or at least heard of such phenomenon, you must know it's quite a show. Scientists are not sure why these migratory birds perform before roosting, but it's supposed this helps them to fight off predators and communicate about good feeding grounds, or probably it's done for the sake of warmth—the bigger the flock, the warmer it will get.

Neither do scientists know how the birds choose the stage where to perform. Anyway, Dumfries and Galloway in South Scotland has somehow won the favour of a decent flock of starlings. While millions proceed their journey from Scandinavia further to England, and even more southwards to Greece and Italy, a good hundred of thousands choose to winter here along the Anglo-Scottish border in Gretna. Note that earlier this number was much bigger, in recent years the overall number of starlings in the Unighted Kingdom has decreased by 65 to 80%.

The best time to watch the natural wonder is deemed November, however, they stay here throughout December, January and also February.

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