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Cherry Blossom

Beautiful pink sign of spring arrival

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April is all about cherry blossom in London. The beloved flowering tree of Japan is quite widespread in UK capital's parks and gardens. The flowering time usually begins in late March and peaks in mid-April. Petals are falling off the trees in early May covering the ground with beautiful pink carpet.

The most famous cherry blossom destination is Kew Gardens with its Cherry Walk, beginning at the Rose Garden at the back of Palm House.

No less known is the stunning tunnel of pink trees in Greenwich Park. Its cherry alley starts beyond the cricket pitch and ends at Ranger’s House.

There are also a lot a few beautiful trees outside St Paul’s Cathedral and Redcliffe Road in Chelsea.

When you enter Regent's Park through the Chester Road entrance, you'll see a fabulous alley lined by Sunset Boulevard-variety cherry trees. The southern part of Avenue Gardens also boasts a cluster of pink blossoms. St James's Park features an abundance of lush blooms at Storey’s Gate. When walking to the Buckingham Palace, you can spot a few beautiful cherries by the lake—a perfect spot for a picture!

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