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Beach Season in Wales

If you are not afraid of the cold, try Welsh beaches which attract lots of holidaymakers from year to year

Best time: June–September

Beach Season
Beach Season
Beach Season

Wales is not quite a "beach destination," however, it still has a number of excellent beaches, 33 of which are marked with the Blue Flag for its high level of environmental purity and impeccable organization of recreation infrastructure.

Their main mass is concentrated on the north coast. However, they are more about sunbathing and other activities rather than swimming, as the water temperature even in the height of summer does not exceed +16 ..+ 17°C. The coastline of Pembrokeshire washed by the Gulf Stream, is the warmest in the UK.

Beach season in Wales lasts from June to September. So, book your beach holidays in Wales in advance.

Practical info

What is the best time of the year to visit Welsh beaches for warm water?

The peak beach season that lasts from June to September is the best time to visit Welsh beaches for warm water. The temperature of the water during this time is usually around +16..+17°C, which is suitable for swimming and other water activities. It's crucial to keep in mind that Wales doesn't offer tropical temperatures, so a wetsuit is necessary for added protection. Show more

Are there any Blue Flag beaches in Wales that also offer swimming in addition to sunbathing?

Many Blue Flag beaches in Wales offer swimming and sunbathing, with well-managed and clean facilities, excellent water quality, and safety provisions for water activities. The coast of Pembrokeshire washed by the Gulf Stream has the UK's warmest waters, providing more opportunities for swimming. Top Blue Flag beaches in Wales include Saundersfoot Beach, Tenby North Beach, and Caswell Bay. Show more

What is the average water temperature during the peak beach season (June-September)?

Water temperatures in Wales during the peak beach season (June-September) average between +16..+17°C, making it suitable for swimming. However, Wales doesn't have warm waters, and it may feel chilly for some. During off-peak season, the water temperature drops and is unsuitable for swimming and water activities. Wearing a wetsuit is advisable to keep warm during water activities. Show more

Which coast in Wales is known for having the warmest beaches?

The coast of Pembrokeshire in Wales is known for having the warmest beaches, with water temperatures relatively higher than other beaches in Wales. On sunny days, the Gulf Stream raises the temperature up to +20°C. Pembrokeshire has pleasing beaches like Barafundle Bay, Whitesands Bay, Broad Haven South, and Freshwater West Beach. Show more

How far in advance should one book their beach holidays in Wales during the peak season?

It's wise to book your beach holiday in Wales three months in advance, particularly during the June-September peak season. This period has an influx of tourists, causing accommodation options to fill up fast. You can also book activities in advance, such as surfing, kayaking, and sailing to avoid last-minute cancellations. Show more

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