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Golf courses of Scotland will impress you with breathtaking scenery—especially the course on the River Clyde encased by the Ayrshire hills


Scotland has a number of picturesque golf courses with a few that especially stand out from the rest. These few include the Aberdeen golf course, the course of St. Andrews proclaimed "the home of golf," and the truly lovely Gourock course lying right on the River Clyde overlooking the Ayrshire hills. Courses are open between April and October, but the largest flow of golf visitors happens from May to August, as in summer the weather is most enjoyable and days are long enough to enjoy the game. This game is exceptional in the northern parts of the country where the sun rises already at 5 am and does not set down until 10 pm; in the extreme northern points such as Shetland Golf may be played throughout the night excluding the only two hours of darkness.

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What's the ideal time to enjoy golf in Scotland?

April to October is the ideal time to enjoy golf in Scotland. Although the months from May to August witness the highest influx of golf visitors since the weather is most pleasant during summer, providing maximum game time, it must be noted that April and May constitute the driest periods on Scotland's west coast, while July is the driest period of the year in the east. Show more

What distinguishes Scotland as a golf destination?

Scotland's golfing heritage makes it stand out as a golf destination. Golf originated here, and Scotland boasts some of the world's most iconic golf courses. Playing golf surrounded by the country’s unparalleled beauty of coastlines and countryside is a surreal experience that many golf enthusiasts can’t miss. Show more

Which Scottish golf courses is highly recommended from a picturesque standpoint?

Scotland has numerous picturesque golf courses that golfers can enjoy, but some highly rated ones to consider are Aberdeen, which offers stunning coastal views, St. Andrews, renowned as the home of golf and featuring the North Sea and St. Andrews Bay, or Gourock, located in the lush countryside surrounded by the Scottish River Clyde. Show more

When can we see a rise in golf tourism in Scotland?

Golf tourism in Scotland generally peaks from May to August, when the weather is the warmest, and daylight is the longest. During these months, it is advised to pre-book tee times in advance, and these months are when the courses see the highest footfall. However, courses are open between April and October, and tourists can choose their preferred months depending on their convenience. Show more

Can we play golf around the clock in Scotland during summers?

Although Scotland experiences long daylight hours in the summer, golf courses may not necessarily operate 24 hours a day. While some parts of the country, such as Shetland, may experience close to 22 hours of daylight, most courses will have scheduled operating hours. It's best to confirm beforehand when the course is open and plan accordingly. Show more

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