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Best time to visit Scotland


Golf courses of Scotland will impress you with breathtaking scenery—especially the course on the River Clyde encased by the Ayrshire hills


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Scotland has a number of picturesque golf courses with a few that especially stand out from the rest. These few include the Aberdeen golf course, the course of St. Andrews proclaimed "the home of golf," and the truly lovely Gourock course lying right on the River Clyde overlooking the Ayrshire hills. Courses are open between April and October, but the largest flow of golf visitors happens from May to August, as in summer the weather is most enjoyable and days are long enough to enjoy the game. This game is exceptional in the northern parts of the country where the sun rises already at 5 am and does not set down until 10 pm; in the extreme northern points such as Shetland Golf may be played throughout the night excluding the only two hours of darkness.

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