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Golf Season in Wales

More golfers than ever want to be a part of the golf experience in Wales

Best time: May–September

Golf Season
Golf Season
Golf Season

Wales offers some top quality golf courses. Around Cardiff, there are several perfect courses, famous all over the UK. The most popular golf venues in Wales are the Royal Porthcawl, Royal St Davids, Ashburnham, Pyle & Kenfig, and Conwy. Some golf courses lie among magnificent nature. For example, Tenby in Pembrokeshire located on the edge of the seaside or Porthmadog, a great training ground which takes in the castles of Criccieth and Harlech, Cardigan Bay, and most of the mountains of Snowdonia.

For a decade Wales has hosted some qualifying events for The Golf Open Championship and The Ryder Cup. Experience golf anytime you want in Wales. But professional players are advised to visit Welsh golf courses during the summer. The most favourable time to engage in the sport is from May to September.

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What are some of the golf courses available in Wales?

Several high-quality golf courses can be found in Wales. Amongst these are Royal Porthcawl, Ashburnham, Conwy, Pyle & Kenfig, and Royal St Davids. Royal Porthcawl has hosted many qualifying events for The Golf Open Championship and is considered the most prestigious of the lot while Royal St Davids is situated within a quaint seaside village and is celebrated for its beauty. Show more

Which Welsh golf courses offer fantastic views?

Numerous golf courses in Wales offer spectacular views. Porthmadog offers astounding views of castles, mountains, and Cardigan Bay. Moreover, surrounded by the majestic Snowdonia mountains, this course provides awe-inspiring scenery. Tenby is located next to the seaside and offers views of the ocean, harbor, as well as St Catherine's Island. The Ashburnham Golf Club provides an excellent view of the serene Carmarthen Bay. Show more

What time of the year is best to play golf in Wales?

From May to September is the ideal season to play golf in Wales. Other months may prove challenging due to unstable weather patterns that change quickly. During the summer months, the weather is relatively mild, with longer daylight hours, making it perfect for outdoor activities. However, Spring and Autumn are less crowded and can be suitable for those who wish to avoid crowds. Show more

When do various golf tournaments such as The Golf Open Championship and The Ryder Cup happen in Wales?

Wales has not hosted The Golf Open Championship and The Ryder Cup recently. However, there have been several qualifying events for both prestigious golfing competitions held in the country. Each year, the dates and locations of these tournaments change. Aspiring golfers can find accurate information regarding dates and locations by visiting the website of the European Tour or the tournament's official website. Show more

What distinct golfing experiences can be obtained from Wales?

Countless golf courses can be found in Wales, offering different golfing experiences. Nefyn & District in north-west Wales stands out among them with nine holes lying on opposing cliffs, providing a 360-degree view of the sea. Machynys Peninsula Golf Club located on Loughor Estuary offers a rare combination of coastal scenery and parkland holes. The unique beauty of the Gower Peninsula makes a round of golf on its courses an unforgettable experience. Show more

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