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Golf Season in Quebec

Quebec is one of the top golf destinations in Canada, it offers the best packages for golfers of all levels

Best time: May–October

Golf Season
Golf Season

Golf season in Quebec lasts from May to October. At this time you can learn or practice this sport in multiple locations overlooking mountains, forests, lakes, rivers, and streams. Since 1873, when this sport came to Quebec, golf became a prestigious seasonal activity. Here you'll find more than 175 public courses, the longest of which spans across 8,000 yds (7,300 m). Both experienced golfers and novices will find some options. For the latter, there're plenty of high-leveled schools around the region.

Some of the top golf courses to check out include Le Maître, Manitou, Le Diable, La Bête, L’Estérel, and Royal Laurentien. The areas are especially scenic during the summer and fall months.

Practical info

When is the best time to travel to Quebec for golfing?

The best time to enjoy golfing in Quebec is May through October which offers stunning scenic views and beautiful weather throughout the season. Autumn season offers a great opportunity for golfers to witness the picturesque fall foliage. Show more

Where can we find the best golf courses in Quebec?

Quebec City offers over 175 public golf courses, and some of the best options include Royal Laurentien, L’Estérel, La Bête, Le Diable, Manitou, and Le Maître, which provide exceptional golfing experience and amazing views. Summer and fall months are the best time to visit these courses as the surroundings offer breathtaking sceneries. Show more

What is the average cost of a golf course in Quebec?

Playing an 18-hole game on any of Quebec's courses could cost anywhere from CAD 30 to CAD 120, depending on factors like the golf course chosen, time of year, and other available amenities that may need to be considered. In comparison to other countries, Quebec golf courses are reasonably affordable without skimping on excellent quality. Show more

Can beginners take lessons in golf courses in Quebec?

Quebec's golf courses, like the Club de Golf Ste-Rose, Golf l'Oiselet, Estérel Golf School, and Golf Manoir des Sables, are fantastic locations for beginners to take lessons to improve their skills with the help of expert coaching. This allows amateurs or less experienced golfers to hone their skills and enjoy the course at their pace. Show more

Are there any local golf tournaments that visitors can participate in?

The Quebec City Open, National Bank Open, and Grand Prix de Québec are all famous local golf tournaments held from May through October in different cities of Quebec. Visitors should take advantage of these events to exhibit their golfing skills while immersing themselves in the natural beauty and gorgeous atmosphere of Quebec's landscape. Show more

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