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Night Golf in Sweden

Golf has become one of the most popular sports in Sweden recently. In summer, ​you can play it even during the night!

Best time: June–August

Night Golf
Night Golf
Night Golf
Night Golf

Southern Sweden has now established itself as a golf paradise. Sweden boasts more than 400 golf courses that you can enjoy at different times of the year, but only during the midsummer championships do some of the games happen at night! And for northern Sweden, there are no real nights in the summer, so it is a perfect 24-hour daylight golf adventure! You can enjoy midnight golf in Gällivare and Kiruna golf courses.

Practical info

When can night golf be played in Southern Sweden?

Playing night golf in Southern Sweden is possible during the midsummer championships held in June. Golfers can play until midnight thanks to the illumination of courses. Moreover, Southern golf courses have long daylight hours during summer, offering late-hours play around 10 or 11 pm. Show more

What are the golf course options for players looking to play 24 hours during summer in northern Sweden?

Players can enjoy playing golf at midnight during summer in northern Sweden, given the unique experience of having sun up not set. Golf courses open 24 hours include the Gällivare and Kiruna courses. These courses, located above the Arctic Circle, offer the perfect opportunity to enjoy a game whenever suitable. Show more

What attracts golf lovers to Sweden?

Sweden is a preferred golf destination due to the clean air and stunning natural environment offering over 400 golf courses in forests, hills and near lakes. The courses' endowment provides a serene atmosphere while challenging terrain from forest to hills provides the perfect test for golfers. Further, Swedish hospitality and excellent service only add up to the perfect experience. Show more

What are the unique features and difficulties of playing golf in Swedish courses?

Playing golf in Sweden comes with unique features and difficulties that golfers appreciate. Different terrains from mountains to coastal areas influence turf conditions, requiring alterations in golfing techniques. Swedish weather is unpredictable, with the temperature dropping in the evening, making suitable attire is essential when playing. However, despite the inconsistencies, Swedish courses' cleanliness and maintenance promise an exciting experience. Show more

Can non-professional players participate in the midsummer championship night games?

Non-professional golfers are welcome to participate in the midsummer championship night games if they have an official handicap certificate, demonstrating golf skills. It is necessary to meet the eligibility criteria established by the event organizers when applying, enabling non-professional players to enjoy such an experience. Show more

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