Best time to visit Edinburgh

Golf Season in Edinburgh

The golf season welcomes every passionate golfer to practice their swing or to enjoy the wide range of tournaments

Golf Season
Golf Season

Half of Scotland’s population knows how to play golf. Therefore, if you are looking to improve or even learn more about golf, then the Home of Golf is the perfect place to do so. In Edinburgh, there is a myriad selection of top courses and some of them have amazing views over the city.

The spectacular golf courses are what make Scotland so special. You can choose to practice your swing on ancient, parkland or cliff-top courses. Or you can always watch others playing. During the golf season, there is a wide range of tournaments in Edinburgh and around it.​

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Edinburgh for golf?

Golfers plan their visit to Edinburgh from April to October, given that golf season is in full swing, providing a chance to experience the game when the weather is mild, and rainfall is less. During this period, the golf courses in Edinburgh are operational, providing an opportunity to engage in various tournaments, with plenty of lush green space available to enjoy. Show more

Where can I find the best golf courses in Edinburgh?

Edinburgh boasts several top-rated golf courses, including world-famous courses such as The Renaissance Club, Muirfield Golf Club, and historic Bruntsfield Links Golfing Society. Golfers choose courses based on skill level, preferred course type, and budget to provide a diverse range of top quality courses, both close to home or within driving distance of Edinburgh. Show more

Can beginners join the tournaments during the golf season?

Participation in Edinburgh's golf tournaments is open to learners who can join the Midlothian Golf League, Edinburgh Golf League, or the Lothians Golf Association-sponsored events. Ensuring compliance with the tournament rules, regulations, and handicap requirements is essential. For beginners, golf courses provide lessons and coaching to help them improve their game and build confidence on the course. Show more

What type of courses are available in Edinburgh?

Edinburgh provides a broad spectrum of golf courses designed for all skill levels, including the famous links courses, aptly represented by Muirfield, parkland courses like The Renaissance Club, and heathland courses, such as Craigielaw Golf Club. These courses have unique and distinguishing features depending on course, design architect, and location, such as the historic Bruntsfield Links Golfing Society. Show more

Are the courses easily accessible from the city center?

Edinburgh's golf courses, including Craigielaw Golf Club, The Bruntsfield Links Golf Society, and The Royal Burgess Golfing Society, are easily accessible from the city center. Transport options like shuttle services or public transportation reduce the inconvenience of navigating the city. Therefore, getting to golf courses around Edinburgh, whether driving or commuting, is convenient. Show more

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