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Orchids in Laos

These gorgeous flowers are most beautiful in their native habitat


In recent years orchids have gained great popularity and become great home decorations. However, seeing their beauty in the wild is always a much better experience.

Laos is a particularly great place to enjoy orchids. There are about 335 officially recorded species here. Some of them bloom only once per year and only for a few days while some appear in specific months. So to see the largest variety of them January–June is the most suitable period with March being an especially choice time.

Orchids can be found in many areas of Laos. They grow in wet woodlands and jungles, on rock ledges, and steep cliffs. Most of the areas with high concentrations of orchids are protected by local people and can be accessed only with organized tours. Currently,​ the best Orchid Trek is held in the Phou Khouay National Park near Vientiane. It also has the largest variety of flowers.

Practical info

When is the best time to see orchids in Laos?

Between January and June is the ideal time to witness orchids in Laos. During March, the largest variety of orchids can be observed. Orchid species show a unique blooming pattern, with some blooming once a year for only a few days. Therefore, visiting during these months will provide better opportunities to see the orchids. Show more

Where can we find the largest variety of orchids in Laos?

Phou Khouay National Park near Vientiane offers the largest variety of orchids in Laos. It is well-known for its Orchid Trek and impressive number of flower species. However, most areas with high concentrations of orchids are protected by the local people and are accessible only through organized tours. Show more

How many orchid species can be found in Laos?

Laos boasts of about 335 officially recorded orchid species. Orchids can be seen blooming in different months and for a brief period. This flowering period differs among orchid species. Laotian orchids thrive in various places, including wet woodlands, jungles, rock ledges, and steep cliffs. Show more

When do some orchids blossom and how long does it last?

Several orchid species bloom only once each year and do so for a brief period, lasting only a few days. Different orchid species have specific blooming periods. To observe the beauty of orchids at their bloom, visiting between January to June is ideal, with March being the best month to view the largest varieties of orchids. Show more

Do orchids grow everywhere in Laos?

Orchids appear in various places across Laos, including wet woodlands, jungles, rock ledges, and steep cliffs. However, there are areas where orchids cannot thrive, such as regions impacted severely by human activity and those with extreme weather conditions. Other than those areas, orchids can be found in almost every part of Laos. Show more

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