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Best time to travel to Laos


While butterflies dance around, your mind can calm you can enjoy their simple colourful beauty

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Some call Laos a country of million elephants, others—a country of million butterflies. Rainy season with its fresh air, blooming flowers, and green forests attract numerous butterflies to Laos. You may encounter them in different locations, but Vientiane prefecture with its several protected areas and the southern area of Luang Prabang are probably the best.

The Vientiane countryside is a big area and great for trekking, cycling, and butterfly watching.

Meanwhile, the Luang Prabang region offers a more targeted experience, which is Kuang Si Butterfly Park. This park was opened by a Dutch couple in 2014, and it has already attracted about 40 species of butterflies with its both natural and also well-thought artificially created environments. Tourists can take a tour around the park to visit flower feeding stations for butterflies​ and enjoy beautiful orchid plantations among rock gardens. Also,​ volunteering is appreciated in the Park and everyone who is older than 25 can apply for this service and spend 3-4 weeks with butterflies.

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