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Admire these gentle creatures and inspect their lifecycle in a magical garden or butterfly farm or in their natural environmen—Jozani Forest


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Visiting Zanzibar you can notice that butterflies are a popular motif in the visual and literary arts. Discover the world of butterflies in Zanzibar by inspecting the tiny butterfly eggs, the hungry caterpillars that nibble away at the leaves, and the process of converting caterpillars into a butterfly. Lots butterfly species in Zanzibar are diurnal.

Check out hundreds of butterflies in Jozani Forest, or at the Zanzibar Butterfly Centre and the Butterfly Spice Farm, breeding Butterfly pupae for sale. Some interesting species are exported abroad to Zoos or Butterfly exhibitions.

Visit Jozani Forest early in the morning or at dusk and at its most abundant period between May and July, and December through January. Don't forget your camera for some awesome shots of these gentle, colourful creatures with their bright wings and erratic flight.

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