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Valley of Butterflies in Rhodes in Greece

Thousands of butterflies flock to Rhodes every year at the end of May

Best time: late May–August

Valley of Butterflies in Rhodes
Valley of Butterflies in Rhodes
Valley of Butterflies in Rhodes
Valley of Butterflies in Rhodes

In summer, the visitors of Butterfly Valley can marvel at colourful clusters of butterflies. Thousands of them arrive at the valley at the end of May, attracted by the high humidity and aromatic sweetgum trees, to reproduce and lay eggs. By the end of August the mating season is over and in September most females are already gone.

Home to this amazing natural phenomenon, Butterfly Valley is the only natural forest of Oriental Sweetgum trees in Europe, and a resting point for the Jersey tiger, a nocturnal moth. It's a great place to enjoy nature and learn about the butterfly life cycle.

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When is the peak time to see the butterflies in Butterfly Valley, Rhodes?

Between late May and August is the best time to visit Butterfly Valley in Rhodes, as thousands of butterflies arrive to reproduce and lay eggs on the sweetgum trees. The mating period ends by the end of August. Visiting between September and May is inappropriate because the butterflies are not present then. Show more

What is the location of Butterfly Valley in Rhodes, Greece?

Located near the village of Theologos, Butterfly Valley is situated on the western coast, at approximately 25 km from the city of Rhodes. Transportation to the valley can easily be arranged through car or bus, or visitors can also book organized tours to reach the valley. Show more

Which types of butterflies are present in Butterfly Valley?

Various butterfly species including Southern Swallowtail, Papilio alexanor, and the Jersey Tiger Moth can be seen in Butterfly Valley on the island of Rhodes. The valley is also a habitat of the Calonectris Diomedea and the Eleonora's falcon. The Oriental Sweetgum trees provide a suitable environment for these species of butterflies. Show more

How can I travel from Rhodes Town to Butterfly Valley?

Butterfly Valley is easily accessible from Rhodes town and can be reached by taking the route to Paradeisi by bus from the central bus station. From Paradeisi, continue with a local bus to the village of Theologos and finally take a taxi to reach the valley. Alternatively, visitors can travel to the valley by hiring cars or bikes, taking approximately 40 minutes to arrive from the town of Rhodes. Show more

Is Butterfly Valley safe for children?

Butterfly Valley is a safe place to take children, especially during the peak butterfly season. Visiting during the mating season does not harm the natural habitat of the butterflies. Visitors can explore the valley and learn about different species of butterflies with the help of educational posters and informational materials that can guide them through the butterfly life cycle. Show more

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