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Burntisland Highland Games 2023

Burntisland Highland Games the second oldest games in Scotland, and are a perfect opportunity to have some quality time

Don’t be too scared if you see hordes of tartans in kilts approaching you, they are not going on war. Whenever Burntisland Highland Games take place, yearly on the third Monday of July, people have the sudden urge to play the invaders. You will immediately feel the party atmosphere and you will understand why the event is so popular. Every key point is amazing, from start to finish. A wonderful performance of Burntisland Pipe Band on High Street marks the beginning of it all. After the ceremony, a myriad of events are staged to entertain the guests. You can spend your day listening to pipe bands, dancing or taking pictures at one of the races and the track events. After a short break at the market stalls, head to Binn Hill race. The event is quite popular and is a sight to see as runners endure in a two-mile course over an extinct volcano.

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