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Ceres Highland Games 2019

Ceres Highland Games are the oldest and most cheerful events celebrated in Scotland

Ceres Highland Games in Edinburgh 2019 - Best Time
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Ceres Games are one of the most popular and awaited games in Scotland. Held every year on the last Saturday of June, the event is a cheerful mix of dancing, Scottish wrestling, pipe music, running and cycling.

Ceres Highland Games in Edinburgh - Best Season 2019

On top of all it is free to attend. Bring your family, call all your friends and come to Ceres Games. You will find stalls, a tent packed with refreshments and the delicious GamesBurger barbeque. In between meals make sure you don’t miss the grand finale. A brass band singing on the bandstand marks the end of a beautiful day.

Best time for Ceres Highland Games in Edinburgh 2019