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Best time to travel to Cyprus

Blooming Orchids

Cyprus is one of the best places to find your favorite kind of orchid


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Northern Cyprus is called terra-rossa for its magnificent carpets of flowers that cover mountain hills and fields after the rainy season ends.

Botanists count about 1,250 plant species native to Cyprus, including 17 endemics and 30 different wild orchids. In order to indulge in their beauty, you should visit the island in March or April when 14 different species start to flower at the same time.

In Northern Cyprus, the best spots to witness the awakening of the island's nature are Alevkaya Forest and the Kyrenia Mountains.

In the Republic of Cyprus, your best option to discover wild orchids would be Akamas Peninsula National Park in Pathos district. You can get there by two city buses that leave from the Harbour area in Pathos. In the spring, the park offers special tours for nature enthusiasts, guided by local botanists. Some rare species of orchids grow in the Troodos mountains. However, you do not have to climb the mountains to enjoy the nature of Cyprus. Sometimes orchids can be found growing on the streets, covering walls of the houses, and along the highways. The picturesque village of Kritou Terra, located in about 30 km from Pathos, is known for its wild orchids. Flowers cover the hills around the village and there are more of them in the fields between Drouseia and Prodromi.

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