Best weather to visit Cyprus

Cyprus Weather: Winter

You should worry about winter cold in Cyprus only if you come from a tropical country


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Cypriot winter months remind usual continental spring in Europe with an average daily temperature of above 13 °C. Moreover, you can still get tan during this period, as there are six hours of bright sunlight per day. It may be windy sometimes, especially around Christmas time, with occasional rains, but December is the only time when you can try Vasilopitta (Basil’s Pie) and loukoumades.

In January and February Troodos Mountains receive a good portion of snow, gathering skiers and snowboarders on its hills and, especially, on Atalante and Artemis Trails. This is as well a great place and period to see mouflon sheep climbing the hills. Winter nature in Cyprus is a matter of beauty—greater flamingos return to Larnaca Salt Lake, Pink Cyclamen blooms near the Bath of Aphrodite and almond trees dress up in gentle pink clothes.

March is still one of the coldest months in Cyprus. A level of rain and wind is approximately similar to the one in February, so all winter activities on the island continue until the end of March. This period is a season of blooming orchids, which can be spotted in many Cypriot villages and along specific trails.