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Green Monday Food

Keeping Lent might be challenging, but not when you start it in a tasty way


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Cypriots love delicious food and even the first day of the Lent is a good reason for a picnic.

Annually Green Monday, which is also known for Christians as Pure Monday or Ash Monday, is celebrated in Cyprus with a family visit to the countryside. Even though fasting excludes any animal food, Cypriots' Green Monday menu consists mainly of seafood (shellfish, molluscs, octopus) and vegetables.

Also, a special kind of bread is baked on this day—"lagana"—which is made of unfermented dow. For some families, another important part is koulourakia nistisima which is a special Lent cake made only by children.

If you are lucky with the weather, you can also enjoy traditional kite flying and the family game of "milo".

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