Best weather to visit Cyprus

Cyprus Weather: Summer

Bright sun, sea breeze, warm clean sand, welcoming water—you can encounter all during these three months


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If you are looking for a perfect summer, the one in Cyprus should be on your list. Almost no rain falls on the ground at this period. If you are a fan of various water activities, then you’ll love it there—many tourists choose diving and snorkelling, which by the way is really impressive in terms of rich sea fauna and flora. For those who want to avoid excessive crowds, few options are available. There are remote beaches, like Mansoura Buffer Zone Beach, with decent conditions for leisure. Turtle watching takes place on the seashore, but in specific areas only. Speaking of the food, summer is rich with cherries, apricots, and formosas. Delicious halloumi, or squeaky cheese, should be tried in many variations as well during Cypriot summer.

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