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Cyprus Mouflon: Wild Sheep

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Cyprus Mouflon: Wild Sheep
Cyprus Mouflon: Wild Sheep
Cyprus Mouflon: Wild Sheep
Cyprus Mouflon: Wild Sheep

The fauna and flora in Cyprus are really noteworthy among nature lovers, and due to unique weather and landscape conditions many species are endemic to Cyprus. This is also true for Cyprus mouflon—a big and very shy wild mountain sheep.

Even though mouflon is a subspecies of the sheep, their appearance is very different. They are about one meter in height and can reach up to 35 kilos in weight. Mature animals can show off with heavy horns that curl like sickles to their sides. The mostly brown fur is decorated with a black collar, white legs, and a white face.

Mouflons inhabit the high peaks of the Paphos area and are not that easy to find. But if you are informed about its seasonal activity, you will have a great chance to meet these beautiful woolly animals.

They are active the whole year around, but winter months are the most suitable, as mountains get snowy and mouflons come down to lower pastures in search of food. The winter day temperatures are also comfortable enough, in contrast to hot summer, so they are active from morning until evening.

Practical info

When would be the ideal moment for tourists to see a Mouflon in Cyprus?

To spot a Mouflon in Cyprus, tourists should visit from December to February, when the Mouflons move lower in search of food. The weather will also be pleasant during the day. It's crucial to remember that Mouflons are rare and not easy to spot in the first place. Show more

In Cyprus, where is the Mouflon found?

Mouflons can be found in the high peaks of the Paphos area in Cyprus. Although they can be tricky to spot because they are shy creatures, tourists can increase their chances of seeing one with proper knowledge of their behavior and activity patterns. Show more

What makes the Mouflon different from other wild mountain sheep breeds?

Mouflons have several distinct physical features that make them stand out from other mountain sheep species. They have a brown coat with white legs, a black collar, and a white face. Heavy horns, which are unique from other species, curl towards the sides. They are also more significant, reaching a height of one meter and a weight of 35 kilos. Show more

What are some unique features of the Mouflon?

The Mouflon has a brown coat color, with white legs and a face collar. Additionally, their heavy horns curl prominently to the side, which is not found in other mountain sheep breeds. Furthermore, they are relatively large animals, standing up to a meter tall and weighing up to 35 kilos. Observing the Mouflon's natural habitat is a rare and unforgettable experience. Show more

What can tourists do to maximize their chances of seeing a Mouflon while in Cyprus?

To increase the chances of seeing a Mouflon, tourists should have a good understanding of the animal's activity patterns. As Mouflons mostly come to lower altitudes to search for food during December to February, this can be the optimal time to see them. Tourists may also hire a guide or a gamekeeper who has local knowledge of the area and can help track them. Mouflons can be shy, and patience is advised when trying to spot them. Show more

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