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BMW Berlin Marathon 2019

Berlin, the city of runners, hosts one of the most popular marathons in the world

BMW Berlin Marathon in Berlin 2019 - Best Time
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The Berlin Marathon is one of the top running and sporting events held every fall. The tradition marathon distance of 42.195 kilometres runs through the city and unites both professional athletes and amateur runners. Both as a runner or a supporter you can see many iconic landmarks, including the finish at the Brandenburg Gate. Initiated back in 1974, the event annually takes place on the last weekend of September.

BMW Berlin Marathon in Berlin - Best Season 2019

The popularity of the marathon can be easily proven by the number of entrants. In 2016 the race had 46,950 participants from 122 countries and over a million spectators. Together with seven other races, it makes up the World Marathon Majors, a series with a $1 million prize fund to be divided equally between the top male and female marathoners.

Best time for BMW Berlin Marathon in Berlin 2019
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