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Burg Frankenstein Halloween 2023 in Germany

Imagine it's Halloween time, and bloodthirsty monsters are by your side!

Dates: November 4, 2023

If you are craving for fear before or after All Saints Day, Frankenstein Castle is definitely the right place to visit.

The first mention of Burg Frankenstein, situated on a hilltop in Darmstadt, dates back to 1252 when the great dynasty of Frankensteins came to existence and until the castle was sold, two lines of Frankenstein lived there. Now it looks more like open-air ruins.

Halloween adventures here are exciting and unique: few Sundays, 99 lively zombies roam the castle, which is covered with spooky decor, and visitors are offered scary dinners and several creepy shows on a number of stages. Witches, monsters, werewolves, and vampires! And if you are brave, you'll be introduced to the dark side of the Middle Ages.

The entry ticket provides visitors with unlimited access to all castle areas. It also includes various self-service stands with drinks and various snacks.

Halloween time with family in Burg Frankenstein? Yes, please! Welcome on Sundays when monsters become tamer.

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