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Guédelon Castle in France

Watch the team of volunteers that aim to build their own medieval castle, using traditional techniques and eco-friendly materials

Best time: April 1–November 5, 2023

Guédelon Castle
Guédelon Castle
Guédelon Castle
Guédelon Castle
Guédelon Castle

In northern Burgundy, a group of enthusiasts decided to take on the challenge of building a medieval castle called Guédelon. They used the methods that were available to 13th-century builders in order to establish a connection between the past and the future of mankind. Using their muscles and the power of horses, builders have tried to follow the plan every year. Wood, stone, and clay are believed to be the simplest materials that still have plenty of benefits.

Thousands of visitors come to Guédelon every year to make their own contribution to the process, both physically and financially. Building a castle from scratch is a true challenge, making Guédelon scientifically and historically interesting.

Practical info

What is the operational period of Guédelon Castle in France?

Guédelon Castle in France is open to the public during the period of April 1 to November 5, 2023. The castle has thousands of visitors every year during this operational phase. Visitors can witness the ongoing construction process, make their contributions towards it, and experience the compelling journey of medieval craft and workmanship. Show more

Where is the unique Guédelon Castle in France located?

Guédelon Castle in France is located in the lush green forests of the Yonne department, situated near the Treigny village in northern Burgundy. It is conveniently accessible via bus, train, or car, making it an excellent spot to explore the surrounding stunning scenery, charming towns, and vineyards unique to this area. Show more

What is unique about the development of Guédelon Castle in comparison to other medieval castles?

The chief distinctive feature of Guédelon Castle is its construction process. This medieval castle is specially being built with ancient techniques and materials from scratch. Guédelon seeks to experiment with constructing a 13th-century castle and a way of life aligned with that period. By using old-fashioned mechanisms, the builders aim to rebuild a connection to the past while also teaching sustainable building practices. Show more

What are the methods and techniques used by volunteers to build the castle with traditional methods?

The volunteers stationed at Guédelon Castle use only the methods that were available to 13th-century builders; this includes wood, stone, clay, and horses to transport materials. Builders employ hand-held tools rather than modern technology to create everything from the ground up. Due to its slow progression and the high level of skill and knowledge required, construction becomes a historical as well as a scientific experiment. Show more

Can visitors take an active role in the construction of Guédelon Castle?

Visitors can indeed participate in the construction process of Guédelon Castle and actively contribute to its development. The visitors can undertake tasks such as moat digging, basket weaving, and stone-shaping. It is an excellent chance for visitors to experience and learn about medieval techniques and practices in a hands-on manner while working on a genuine construction assignment. Show more

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