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Spiš Castle in Slovakia

Slovakia's national heritage amazes with its majesty and pomposity

Best time: April–October

Spiš Castle
Spiš Castle
Spiš Castle
Spiš Castle
Spiš Castle

Slovakia is proud of its majestic castles all around the country. One of the most significant castles in the whole Europe is the prominent Spiš. It is located in the eastern part of Slovakia on the hill above Spišské Podhradie village.

The history of the Spiš Castle is quite complicated. It was built in the 12th century, but later on, the Castle was rebuilt entirely several times. The last holder of the Spiš Castle was the Csáky family. Unfortunately, in 1780 the Castle was destroyed by fire.

While visiting the Castle, you will have the opportunity to discover a 22-meter tower. The view from this tower is stunning. The panorama of High Tatras Mountains and the green countryside will definitely impress you. Besides, the old museum is pretty interesting. There you can discover antique kinds of weapon, different torture devices, and old prisons. What is more, it's a chance to see the rooms with royal furniture how they used to look many years ago. Also, you will find the St. Elisabeth chapel with beautiful ancient sculptures in the castle.

Spiš Castle is closed during wintertime and the season runs from April until October. You may also visit the area in March but museum exposition is closed until April. The opening hours depend on a month. While visiting Slovakia, don't miss a chance to see this historic site.

Practical info

When was Spiš Castle built and by whom?

The construction of Spiš Castle dates back to the 12th century when it was built on the hills close to Spišské Podhradie village, without a known constructor. After several ownership transfers, the Hungarians took over the reigns and further developed it into one of the significant travel destinations across Europe. Show more

What can visitors see at Spiš Castle museum?

Located on a hill, Spiš Castle museum has exciting exhibitions featuring old prisons, antique weapons and torture devices. On display, the royal furniture, dating back to medieval times, takes visitors back in time. St. Elisabeth Chapel inside the castle walls hosts authentic Gothic elements, showcasing the historical restoration craft of Slovakia. A tower with a height of 22 meters provides awe-inspiring views of the surrounding area. Show more

Where is Spiš Castle situated, and how can one access it?

Spiš Castle is situated atop a hill in the eastern part of Slovakia, overlooking the Spišské Podhradie village. The Castle can be accessed with ease by several means, including bus rides, cars, bicycles or simply hiking to the hilltop. Travel from Poprad airport to the castle by an Uber or taxi takes approximately 30 minutes. Show more

What is the best time to visit the Spiš Castle?

The Spiš Castle is open to the public from April to October, but visits to the Castle ruins can be done even in March. Visitors should note, however, that the museum section of the castle remains closed until April. Tourists flock the Castle mostly from July to August, with more relaxed visitations in April, May, September and October, which provide enjoyable weather with significantly fewer crowds. Show more

Can visitors get a guided tour, and how long does it take?

Guided tours are available to visitors of Spiš Castle and last for one hour. Tourists can sign up for these tours at the entrance, and they cover various parts of the castle, including the courtyard and rooms, giving visitors insight into the castle's medieval history and importance in the region. Show more

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