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Fort St. Angelo on Victory Day

It's amazing that Caravaggio was able to escape from the mighty walls of Fort St. Angelo

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The gorgeous Fort St Angelo in Malta is part of the historical military heritage of the country that stands like a throne at the top of the town of Città Vittoriosa, better known among locals as Birgu. After arriving in 1530 the Knights of the Order of St John became protectors or Malta. Throughout centuries the powerful fortress has withstood enemy attack, for example during the Saracen period and World War II. Till 1979 it was used as a ship base.

There is a legend that in autumn of 1609 the famous Baroque artist Caravaggio became involved in a brawl, was wounded, and locked in the prison of this fortress. They say he escaped on one of the cargo ships that travelled between Malta and Sicily.

More recently, the Government granted the Order of the Knights of St. John the upper part of the fort, comprising the magisterial palace and St. Anne's Chapel. Fort St Angelo, currently closed to the public, is today the residence of the last Knight on the island. On the occasion of Victory Day, which is celebrated on September 8th, Fort St. Angelo is opened from 09 a.m. till 6:30 p.m. Visitors can see a historical fencing show by the Malta Historical Fencing Association and the National Regatta from the fort's bastions.

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