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Chillingham Castle in England

This haunted castle was an inspiration for famous novels and movies

Chillingham Castle
Chillingham Castle
Chillingham Castle
Chillingham Castle
Chillingham Castle
Chillingham Castle
Chillingham Castle
Chillingham Castle
Chillingham Castle
Chillingham Castle

A medieval castle in Chillingham has a reputation for being the most haunted castle in England. Located in the northern part of Northumberland, it used to be the seat of the Grey and Bennett families during the Medieval times. The castle is home to the Chillingham Cattle, a rare breed of cow.

In the 12th century, the castle functioned as a monastery. King Edward I stopped there on his way to Scotland before facing William Wallace and his army. Later on, the Chillingham Castle was repeatedly besieged by Scottish armies. Its fortifications were up to 3.7 m (12 feet) thick.

During World War II, army barracks were placed in the castle, which caused some damage to the decorative wood interior.

In 1982, Sir Humphry Wakefield, whose wife was related to Greys of Chillingham, purchased the castle. He started the restoration of the building. Some sections of the castle are now open to the public, and some rooms are available to rent. Chillingham Castle offers public tours from Easter to the end of October.

The castle is said to be haunted by the former torturer who stays in the torture chamber, a lady in white (Lady Mary Berkeley) and a blue (or radiant) boy in the Pink room, who flashes a blue "halo" of lights.

The mysteries of the castle were investigated by Ghost Hunters International on tv and radio, as well as other programmes.

The Chillingham Castle was also described in 'The Bride of Lammermoor' novel by Sir Walter Scott, written in 1819.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Chillingham Castle, England?

The Chillingham Castle public opening times are from April until October. Scheduling a visit during these months would be advisable. Public guided tours are supplied with some rooms also available for rental. The castle at large is available for visitation between 12 noon and 5 pm. It's recommended that you check for schedule changes related to public holidays or special events through the official website of the castle. Show more

Where is Chillingham Castle located?

Chillingham Castle is situated in Northumberland, England's northern region with its proximity right next to the small village of Chillingham. The town of Alnwick is located approx 18 miles away from the castle. For visitors, the exact postal address to be used is Chillingham Castle, Chillingham, Alnwick NE66 5NJ, UK. Show more

What is the history of Chillingham Castle?

With a rich history dating back to medieval times when initially being used as a monastic building, the Chillingham Castle is renowned for the role it played in the Scottish Wars of Independence. Its significance is also because of its previous owners, the Grey and Bennett families, with Edward I utilising the castle as a place to stay while on his way to Scotland. During World War II, the castle faced damages due to its usage as a military barracks. Currently, it is only a partially renovated structure open to the public. Show more

Who is said to haunt Chillingham Castle, and in what rooms can their presence be experienced?

The Chillingham Castle is notorious for its spooky atmosphere with multiple sightings reported over the years. The ghost tales associated with the castle include sightings of a former torturer present in the torture chamber, Lady Mary Berkeley (the lady in white), and the blue or radiant boy (who creates blue halos of light) associated with the Pink room. Besides these, there are other ghostly tales in every corner of the castle. It is possible to experience these ghostly beings' presence while on a visit to the castle. Show more

What is the significance of the Chillingham Cattle, and can visitors observe them during their visit to the castle?

Chillingham Cattle are an extraordinary breed of cows recognised for their distinctive appearance throughout the world. These cows' coats are noted for their white and red appearance, and they might be the oldest breed worldwide. Visitors can not only observe these cows while browsing around the castle's living areas but also take guided walks in the surrounding parklands, where a herd of these gentle giants can be seen grazing. Show more

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