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Eltz Castle in Germany

This centuries-old medieval castle over Elzbach river is one of the most beautiful in the Rhineland-Palatinate region

Eltz Castle
Eltz Castle
Eltz Castle
Eltz Castle

Despite all wars and feuds, this beautiful medieval castle was owned by the same family since the 12th century, being home for 33 generations. Eltz Castle (Burg Eltz in German) is one of three that have survived on the left bank of the Rhine in Rhineland-Palatinate. Moreover, it has preserved really well and looks almost unchanged by time. Located on a 70m (230 ft) rock, the castle is surrounded by the Elzbach River on three sides. It was set on an important Roman trade route. Eltz Castle managed to survive the Thirty Years’ War. The French did not destroy it unlike many other buildings in the area.

The castle has up to eight storeys that reach heights of 30-40m (98-131 ft). About 100 members of the large family consisting of three branches lived in over 100 rooms of the castle. There used to be a village on the south side below the castle inhabited by servants, craftsman, and other people who worked in the castle.

Different parts of the castle are built in different styles as the Eltz family continued making renovations throughout the centuries. The castle is still inhabited today. According to local legends, the place is also haunted by ghosts of medieval knights.

The Burg Eltz is surrounded by a few hiking trails and has a parking lot for visitors. It closes for visitors in early November and reopens in spring. The interior tours last about 40 mins and are usually offered from April to early November.

Practical info

When should one plan to visit Burg Eltz?

It is recommended to plan a visit to Burg Eltz between April to November since the castle is open for visitors during this period. The castle remains closed to visitors from early November until the spring season. Show more

What is the location of the Eltz Castle parking lot?

To arrive at the parking lot of Eltz Castle, visitors can follow the directions to the parking area, which is in proximity to the castle. The convenient location of the parking area makes it easier for visitors to access the site without facing any troubles regarding parking. Show more

For how long has the Eltz family been the owner of the castle, and what is the castle's history?

The Eltz Family has possessed the castle since the 12th century, and for over 800 years, it has been home to 33 generations of the family. With the castle remaining undestroyed during the Thirty Years' War of the 17th century, it is one of the few castles in the region that remained intact. The castle continues to be in use by some members of the Eltz family at present. Show more

What makes the architecture of Eltz Castle unique?

Eltz Castle features distinct architectural styles that vary depending on the section of the castle. Changes to the castle's design continued with the renovations made by the Eltz family over the centuries. The borders of the castle align with Elzbach River on three sides. The castle's height with up to eight stories and its location on an important Roman trade route adds to its uniqueness and makes it a must-visit site. Show more

Is it possible to discover any hiking trails around Eltz Castle?

Around Eltz Castle, visitors can find several hiking trails that offer ample exploring opportunities. With the castle surrounded by Elzbach River, visitors can cherish beautiful views. There is an assortment of hiking trails to select from, catering to hikers of all capabilities and levels. It is an ideal way to explore the region while breathing in the fresh air and taking in the phenomenal scenery. Show more

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