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Ballonfestival Bonn 2023

One of the best balloon events in Europe takes place in the green heart of Bonn

Dates: June 7–11, 2023

Ballonfestival Bonn
Ballonfestival Bonn
Ballonfestival Bonn

Ballonfestival Bonn is an exciting five-day event held at Rheinaue Leisure Park (Parkplatz Rheinaue) in Bonn. Held since 2009, it has become one of the main ballooning events on the continent, attracting teams from Belgium, the Netherlands, and other countries. The festival features over 30 balloons and lots of entertainment for all ages. The balloon flights are available weather-permitted for all five days from Wednesday to Sunday, while the festival itself ensues on Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday and Sunday are the main days of the festival with plenty of fun for kids and adults. You can see the balloons from inside, enjoy a view of picturesque Rheinaue from a height of 50 m (164 ft), and watch the spectacular night balloon glow from a large meadow covered with wildflowers. The magical glow of large balloons takes place on Saturday and Sunday at 11 pm. Balloon rides are available for those who dare to try it during sunrise or sunset.

Rheinaue Leisure Park is a green oasis that is almost as big as the downtown Bonn. It covers about 160 ha (395 ac) and offers 45 km (28 mi) of hiking trails.

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