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Dusseldorf Christmas Market 2023

Visit one of the biggest Christmas markets in the world

Dates: November 23–December 30, 2023

Dusseldorf Christmas Market
Dusseldorf Christmas Market
Dusseldorf Christmas Market
Carousel at Dusseldorf Christmas Market

Dusseldorf perfectly fits the typical Christmas market stereotype: the air in the city is filled with the scent of grilled almonds; people stroll around the market with their children and parents; handmade gifts are sold as soon as they hit the shelves. Whatever you imagine a perfect Christmas market to be, the one in Dusseldorf has it all.

The city is dotted with a number of atmospheric holiday markets, each of which has seasonal tents, serving hot glühwein and authentic German treats. The enormous riverside Ferris wheel, the outdoor ice rink, and the sparkling lights are an amazing preamble to the big holiday celebration.

All festivities are held in the Old Town area of Dusseldorf, called Altstadt. Visitors will have an opportunity to enjoy the market fun for almost six weeks as the event wraps up around Christmas Eve. Just remember to book your accommodation beforehand as Dusseldorf is extremely busy this time of year.

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