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Balloon Sail 2023

Tons of people would give an arm and a leg to attend this hot-air balloon fest! Wanna see why? Keep reading!

Dates: June 26, 2023 (unconfirmed)

The Willer Balloon Sail festival is an annual event, bringing together thousands of aesthets in one place. The fest takes place at Nordmarksportfeld in Kiel, Germany. The afternoon sky of the town will be jammed with colorful balloons of various shapes, sizes, and colors. Expect to witness gorgeous balloon launches, night glows, and after-dark firework shows. If you feel like riding in one of the balloons, be ready to pay €250 per person. You’ll also see local sports teams’ competitions, such as rounder tournaments and small tennis matches. Thus, there are many entertainment options to choose from.

All you have to do is book your housing in advance–Kiel gets extremely busy this time of year, so you don’t want to take pot luck with your accommodation options. For any additional information, feel free to contact the event’s official organizers (external resources). Have fun!

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