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Montgolfiade Tegernsee 2023

Get a bird-eye view of Bavaria's most beautiful valley

Dates: January 29–February 5, 2023

Montgolfiade Tegernsee is an annual winter ballooning festival held in Tegernsee Valley at the beginning of February or late January. The event takes place in the town of Bad Wiessee, the district of Miesbach in Upper Bavaria. Every morning, over 20 hot air balloons of all possible shapes and colors soar over the beautiful Lake Tegernsee. Visitors can marvel at tethered balloons with children from the grounds around.

The main highlights of Montgolfiade Tegernsee include massive balloon launches, which usually take place between 9:30 and 11:00 am. In the evenings, visitors can enjoy a traditional balloon glow with background music. Giant balloons, illuminated by the flames from the burners, light up dark skies, creating a cozy atmosphere.

Montgolfiade Tegernsee visitors can also book balloon rides from different starting points in the Tegernsee valley to enjoy a spectacular winter panorama of Lake Tegernsee. All balloon flights are weather permitting of course.

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