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Chestnut Season and Fête de la Châtaigne

A little province in the South of France is the chestnut capital of the world


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One of Provence's favourite delicacies is chestnut. There are two small villages in the department of Var—Collobrières and La Garde-Freinet—that hold chestnut festivals (Fêtes de la Châtaigne) annually in October. The central part of the festivals is the market where you can by all kinds of chestnuts and anything made with chestnuts. Chestnut pies and cakes, chestnut preserves, chestnut paste, roasted and sweetened chestnuts, and other delicious treats are sold on every corner along with some local wine to wash it down. But be careful and try not to pick up chestnuts from the ground since the tree owners are very protec​tive of them. Better to buy some fresh chestnuts in the market and enjoy cooking and tasting them.

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