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Grand Est Mondial Air Ballons 2025

One of the largest hot air ballooning festival in Europe

Dates: July, 2025 (unconfirmed)

Grand Est Mondial Air Ballons

Acknowledged as the world's biggest gathering of hot air balloons, this remarkable occasion draws balloon aficionados from all over the world. Sponsored by the Lorraine Mondial Air Ballons organization, the event features a stunning array of imaginatively formed and colorful balloons, which take to the air to create a captivating spectacle. Now, let's get into the details!

Where is it held?

Grand Est Mondial Air Ballons is a massive hot air ballooning event, held every two years in northeastern France. The festival takes place in July for ten days. Grand Est Mondial Air Ballons attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors to the Lorraine Regional Nature Park in the Grand Est region.

The program

The program includes dozens of sports, cultural, and aeronautical events. The main crowd pleasers are mass ascents at sunrise and sunset, when hundreds of hot air balloons launch all at once. The public can also watch balloons being set up and inflated. You'll also witness picturesque nightglows, flying competitions, and balloon demonstrations. Grand Est Mondial Air Ballons also offers carnival rides, workshops, aircraft displays, market stalls, and live music.


La Grande Ligne (The Grand Line) is another attraction during the festival. Balloonists form lines and take off in a coordinated way. In 2017, 456 balloons were launched at once, setting a world record. The Grande Ligne event is usually held on a Saturday or Sunday morning, one time during the festival.

Night Glow (Ligne de Nuit) is the time when pilots inflate their hot air balloons after dark. Tethered to the ground, balloons form a line and look like giant lanterns. Usually, Night Glow is held during the weekend, after the evening ascent.

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