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Asakusa Tori No Ichi Fair 2022

Celebrate the arrival of winter and the end of the year


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Tori No Ichi or “Festival Of The Rooster” is the first sign of winter in Japan celebrated to appreciate the past year and to pray for happiness in the new one. It's celebrated on three days of Rooster which occur every 12 days in November. The dates vary for each year, meaning in there could be either two or three festive days. The main highlights of the festival are open-air fairs that sell bamboo rakes called kumade. These are the charms for prosperity, wealth and well-being.

This festival has been celebrated in Tokyo since the Edo era. It was founded at Asakusa's Otori Shrine and nearby Juzaisan Chokokuji temple but now is held at rooster-related shrines all over the city. Still, Asakusa hosts one of the biggest fairs which is definitely worth attending. Tori no Ichi markets in the capital have great food, warm atmosphere, and countless sellers of traditional kumade, which are meant to bring you holiday atmosphere in a Japanese way.

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