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Beach Season in Japan

The official beach season starts with the end of school. But you can enjoy it any time

Best time: April–October

Beach Season
Beach Season

Japan is an island country with a long coastline. Naturally, it boasts many picturesque beaches. The warm season arrives first to Okinawa in the south. The water becomes good for swimming in early April or even late March. Yonaha Maehama on Miyako island is considered Japan's top beach in the south. Also, it's worth a visit to Nishihama on Hateruma Island or Kondoi on Taketomi Island. There are a few good spots near Tokyo, in particular, Odaiba or Izu peninsula beaches.

The official start of swimming season in Japan happens only in mid-July. During the Umi Biraki ceremony the sea is blessed and becomes available for swimming. However, you don't have to wait that long. At many beaches you can swim before Umi Biraki. At this time you'll certainly see fewer people on the beach.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Japan for beaches?

To enjoy the beaches of Japan at their best, one should plan a trip between April and October. This is the time when beach season starts, and Okinawa becomes suitable for swimming. Officially, the beach season begins in July, but many beaches permit swimmers and surfers before that. Okinawa, being located in the south of Japan, offers warmer water during April or March as compared to the northern region. Show more

Where are the best beach destinations in Japan?

Numerous beautiful beaches can be found in Japan, thanks to the country being home to many islands. Tokyo offers excellent beach locations such as the Izu Peninsula and Odaiba, while Okinawa boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the country, including Kondoi, Nishihama, and Yonaha Maehama. Another place that is worth visiting for its beautiful sandy beaches is Hokkaido, especially the Niseko area and the Shakotan Peninsula. Show more

What is the Umi Biraki ceremony and when does it take place?

Umi Biraki is a ceremony in Japan that takes place every year, typically in July. The ceremony marks the start of the beach season and involves a Shinto priest sprinkling seawater on offerings such as fish, seaweed, and salt. This event blesses or purifies the waters, making it safe for water activities such as swimming or surfing. This ceremony is a unique experience that is enjoyed by both locals and tourists alike. Show more

Are there any beaches near Tokyo that are easily accessible for tourists?

Tokyo offers several options for beach destinations that are easily accessible by tourists, making them a popular choice. One of the most accessible beaches in Tokyo is the man-made Odaiba Beach. Besides, Kamakura is located an hour away from Tokyo and offers Yuigahama Beach. Additionally, tourists can explore other locations near Tokyo, such as the Zushi, Shirahama Beach, Enoshima, and Miura Peninsula beaches, for a perfect beach getaway. Show more

What is the water temperature like in Okinawa during April?

For tourists looking to visit Okinawa in April, the water temperature would be around 23°Celsius, which is warmer than the average water temperature in Japan. The beaches in Okinawa are the ideal place to experience warm water in Japan, mainly because of Okinawa's location in Southern Japan. However, the temperature may vary by location, with the southern region experiencing warmer water than the northern one, such as Tokyo beaches. Show more

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