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Jindaiji Daruma Ichi Fair 2024 in Tokyo

Spring arrival is always celebrated by Daruma doll fair at the Jindai-ji temple in Tokyo

Dates: March 3-4, 2024

Jindaiji Daruma Ichi Fair
Jindaiji Daruma Ichi Fair
Jindaiji Daruma Ichi Fair

Jindaiji Temple Yakuyoke Ganzan Jie Daishi Festival is popular spring event in Tokyo that was first held during the Edo period in memory of Ganzan Daishi (the chief abbot of Enryaku-ji in the 10th century). This is one of Japan’s three biggest daruma doll markets with about 300 street stalls with dolls of all possible sizes and types.

When you choose your doll, have your wish written on the back of the daruma. Then you have to take it to a special place, where a monk will write the special character on the left eye of the doll. One year later, you have to come and return the doll. If your wish came true, the right eye is marked with another character.

The fair features a prayer every hour and cedar-stick burning, also a daily ritual and a procession to honour Ganzan Daishi.

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