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Sweden Weather: Spring

Lush nature and plenty of sun make this season great for a visit


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Although March belongs to the off-season months, it is a nice time to visit Sweden. Gloomy winter days are over, days are longer, warmer, and brighter with some sunshine. In central and southern areas the weather is often wet, coastal storms might also happen, but in the north, it is still snowy, so a number of ski resorts are still available, and at lower prices.

When somewhere in the Arctic Circle it is still icy and snowy, most ski resorts are closed by April. Fresh-looking greenery substitutes greyness left after melted snows. The valleys abound with blooming flowers—everything testifies that spring has finally come to Scandinavia, and it’s high time to enjoy Swedish nature! Warm and sunny weather is favourable for outdoor activities. Although days are much longer, at night one might still get blesses with the views of Aurora Borealis, especially in the north.

May is a great time to enjoy Sweden, its lush green and flowered landscapes and vibrant wildlife, and all that at a rather low budget, owing to the off-season. Hiking, paddling, biking, fishing, and birdwatching—a plenty of outdoor activities are available during this time. A special seasonal feature observed exclusively in May is yellow rapeseed fields in the south of the country, namely in Skane. Besides, the days are extremely long, particularly up north, which means you will have no chance of seeing famous Northern lights. But instead of that, you will be able to enjoy 24 hours of daylight, a natural phenomenon known as Midnight Sun.

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